Episode One (1/15/2019) – Welcome to TAD Grants!

Description:  TAD Grants announces new online training site and an overview of upcoming training events coming in 2019. 

CWA Youth@Work Bonus Episode (1/23/2019) – Exploring the Link Between Career and Workforce Development Services for  Youth with Disabilities.

Description: Dr. Tina Anctil discusses resources and ways workforce and vocational rehabilitation can partner to better serve youth with disabilities, resources for practitioners and the importance of continuing education.

Episode 3 (2/21/2019) – Workforce Development: The Default Profession

Description: This episode is from our nation’s capital, Washington DC, where Aaron and Tressa reflect on the lessons and key takeaways of their experiences when assisting workforce development professionals in their pursuit for continuous training and education for themselves.

Episode 4 (5/8/2019) – Crushing Customer Service 

Description:  This episode discusses some key concepts to building a culture of customer service excellence and building trust with our customers.

Episode 5 (6/8/2019) – CWA 2019 WORKCON Bonus Episode

Description: This episode has a special guest Melissa Robbins, CEO of NAWDP. We had an opportunity to discuss the future of workforce and how NAWDP supports and works closely with state associations like the California Workforce Association to promote ongoing professional development training and certifications.

Episode 6 (7/14/2019) – Pursuit of Happiness

Description: Join us as we share simple strategies we can implement to feel more fulfilled in our careers and increase our happiness in our work.